About the Repository

The content of the repository

The Repo > Proteo is the online repository of the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca, facilitating the systematic storage and publication of digital content (documents, images) which (1) is related to the educational and research activities of the Institute, and (2) is related to the scientific and professional publishing activities of the Romanian Reformed Church, which is one of the founding bodies of the Theological Institute.

Accordingly, the Repository collects the following types of data:

  • publications of the staff of the Institute, research results published in print;
  • theses of the graduate students of the Institute (BA, MA, PhD theses);
  • electronic bibliographic material related to the courses;
  • media content (pictures, etc.) documenting the life of the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca;
  • professional publications and journals of the Reformed Churches in Romania.

The repository is under continuous development and expansion.

Access and copyright

Repo follows the legislation in force concerning the publication of digital content. Content uploaded to Repo is subject to the consent of the authors or other copyright holders.

The content published here has been uploaded as a result of digitisation projects of the Theological Institute. The public, freely accessible data in the repository can be downloaded by any individual and stored for their own personal use. Publication of the electronic content displayed here on any other public or restricted, access-based platform is possible only with the prior written permission of the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca.

According to the applicable state and institutional legislation, in the case of licensed and master theses, only the meta-data describing the thesis (title, author, field of study, subject headings, abstract) are public, not the full text of the thesis. The full text of BA and MA theses cannot be released on request.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions regarding the uploaded content, please contact the relevant staff. Your question or comment will be received electronically using this form.