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Title of my dissertation: "The History and Some Characteristic of Hungarian Protestant Bible Translations". The sources of translations and revisions are extensive, as a significant number of translations have been produced, spanning many centuries. The primary objective of this paper is to provide a detailed presentation of the history of Hungarian Protestant Bible translations and to conduct a comparison among the texts of these translations. The focus of the paper is on complete Hungarian Bible translations, while partial translations are only mentioned briefly. The translators continuously strived to convey the divine message as accurately and comprehensibly as possible to Hungarian readers. They took into account linguistic and cultural changes to ensure that the texts would meet the needs of the respective era and be easily understood by readers. Hungarian Protestant Bible translations are not only interesting and important for understanding the history of Hungarian Protestantism but also hold significance for Hungarian culture. These translations are important for the development of the Hungarian language and the emergence of literature since they influenced linguistic development and the appearance of literary works. The examination of comparative linguistic studies and the investigation of the effects of translations are also important for contemporary translation practices and language development. The rich tradition and diversity of Hungarian-language Bibles allow every era and generation to find the most suitable and understandable translation that helps them delve into the teachings of the Scriptures.

SzakdolgozatBA Szakdolgozat2023Supervisor: Czire Szabolcs