Philipp Melanchton

Melanchthon Fülöp: Catechesis puerilis

In this dissertation I would like to present an extract from Philipp Melanchthon's work Catechesis puerilis. I translated part of the work from Latin into Hungarian. The work, Catechesis puerilis, is quite distinct from Martin Luther's well-known Small Catechism. However, their objective is the same: to teach the knowledge of the Christian faith. Philipp Melanchthon begins the catechesis with a grammar lesson for school-age children. I have divided my dissertation into five major units. The first part is about the life of Philipp Melanchthon.

The Reasoning Faith of Melanchton as a Humanist

Melanchton is usually considered as both a Humanist and a Reformer. Many of the books and studies written about him present him as a theologian. It is also worthwhile studying the Humanist intellectual components of his personality, since, after all, a great proportion of his works are ones which present him as a deep thinking, through intellectual, writing with sublime eloquence.