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ThesisSzász András2006Pages: 32Supervisor: Geréb Zsolt

ThesisNagy Zsolt Attila2006Pages: 45Supervisor: Kolumbán Vilmos József

ThesisKis János Csaba2006Pages: 55Supervisor: Rezi Elek

ThesisDobos Loránd2006Pages: 33Supervisor: Juhász Tamás

ThesisKolumbán Annamária2006Pages: 40Supervisor: Geréb Zsolt

ThesisSzékely Mónika Rebeka2006Pages: 70Supervisor: Rezi Elek

ThesisBogya Árpád2006Pages: 43Supervisor: Juhász Tamás

ThesisMolnár Áron2006Pages: 48Supervisor: Juhász Tamás

ThesisVarga Szilárd2006Pages: 43Supervisor: Geréb Zsolt

ThesisSimon János2006Pages: 41Supervisor: Geréb Zsolt

ThesisNagy Adél Erika2006Pages: 31Supervisor: Kovács László Attila

ThesisNagy Attila2006Pages: 60Supervisor: Juhász Tamás