Társadalmi, egyházi és politikai viszonyok 1940–1945 között

Community, Ecclesiastical and Political Circumstances between 1940–1945 . The study presents the relationship between the Romanian government and the Hungarian minority of Romania, especially the Hungarian Reformed Church between 1940 and 45. In August 1940 the Second Vienna Award tore Transylvania in two parts. Northern Transylvania became part of the Hungarian Kingdom, and Southern Transylvania remained under Romanian rule. About 500 000 ethnic Hungarians remained under Romanian rule and 200 000 of them were Calvinist Protestants. The relationship of these Hungarians with the Romanian majority was characterized by the wrath of the Romanians felt for the loss of considerable territories.

Bibliographic reference

Hankó-Nagy Alpár Csaba: Társadalmi, egyházi és politikai viszonyok 1940–1945 között. In: Református Szemle 101.1 (2008), 54--75