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If we are commanded to remember the Sabbath in the Ten Commandments, why do we go to worship on Sunday? In my paper, I am seeking possible answers to this question. At the beginning of my research, I outline the position of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the following sections, I aim to present a biblical alternative to this position. I argue that the Sabbath institution was not known to the Jewish people before their wilderness wanderings. But here it becomes the sign of the Mosaic covenant. Since the covenant was made with the Jews, the Lord does not require foreign nations to observe the Sabbath. But God promises to make a new covenant that will not only apply to the Jews. This has been realised in Jesus Christ. He is the one to whom the Sabbath points. In light of this, we cannot cling to the shadow when the light of the world has come among us. Lastly, I examined the decree of Emperor Constantine and demonstrated that Christians gathered on Sundays even before the decree, because it was on this day that the greatest event in the history of salvation, the resurrection of Jesus, took place.

SzakdolgozatBA Szakdolgozat2023Supervisor: Visky Sándor Béla, Horváth Levente