Recenzió, kritika


Review of Oskar Dangl, Das Buch Habakuk. Neuer Stuttgarter Kommentar - Altes Testament 25/1. Stuttgart: Bibelwerk, 2014

Writing a commentary with one eye for critical issues and with another for interested lay readers with no knowledge of biblical languages is always a demanding task, but it becomes an almost impossible undertaking in a case such as the book of Habakkuk, insofar as most problems of this controversial small composition are closely tied to (Hebrew) textuality.

Review of Charlesworth, James H. (ed.), The Unperceived Continuity of Isaiah. Jewish and Christian Texts in Contexts and Related Studies 28. London: T&T Clark, 2019

This collection of studies going back to a conference held in 2015 in Jerusalem aims to show that there is a clear continuity of the Isaianic tradition beyond the era of the eighth-century prophet. In comparison to other books of the Old Testament, Isaiah has been one of exceptional influence throughout the centuries. The ten essay included here underline this statement from various perspectives, dealing with the reception history of Isaiah in different periods. Below I present a short overview of its content with several remarks appended to each study.

DAVID J. FULLER, A Discourse Analysis of Habakkuk

The erudition, precision and commitment guiding this study is admirable. Nonetheless, while linguistic analysis may entice the reader with the promise of a higher degree of objectivity, preconceptions regarding the base text, its structuring, the construction of reading, and the interpretation of linguistic data involve a fair amount of subjective and debatable factors that confine Systemic Functional Linguistics within the methods to be tamed by responsible scholarship.

Fekete Károly: A Heidelbergi Káté magyarázata. Hálaadásra vezető vigasztalás 129 kérdés-feleletben

"A hitvallás nem építő irat. Nem azért alkotta az egyház, hogy azokba építő gondolatokat helyezzen el a hívei számára, hanem az egyház klasszikus korainak kifejezési formái,ű abból a célból, hogy biztos mértéket adjon a kézbe, hogy az Isten Igéjének végeredményében kimeríthetetlen és kimondhatatlan világában annak a segítségével tájékozódni tudjunk."