A kolozsvári református kollégiumi tanítók szabályzata 1786-ból

The text above is the Regulations of the Reformed College Teachers drawn up in 1786 by the board of the College of Kolozsvár (Cluj). The 1780s heralded the era of educational reform, marked by the Habsburg Empire’s ruler mandating a centralisation of the educational system. In response, the Reformed Church of Transylvania embarked on an extensive overhaul of its collegiate structure and public education. These regulations were distinctive, echoing the spiritual heritage bequeathed by nobility and monarchs. Notably, they were exclusively designed for the youth of noble lineage, which likely led to their limited application.

Kolumbán Vilmos József: A kolozsvári református kollégiumi tanítók szabályzata 1786-ból. In: Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis 15.1 (2024), 381--395