Valentinosz életútja és tanítása a modern kutatás és az óegyházi heréziológia fényében

Valentinus and His Teaching in the Light of Modern Research and Ancient Christian Heresiology -- The first part of this paper contains a summary of the life and teachings of Valentinus written by Bernadett Szűcs, in which the author sketches the most important aspects of this complex topic based on the early Christian primary sources harmonized with the state of the modern research.

The Doctrine on Baptism in the Haereticarum Fabularum Compendium of Theodoret of Cyrus

This paper presents the doctrine on baptism in the Haereticarum fabularum compendium of Theodoret of Cyrus. From this presentation we learn that Theodoret presents in this work a multi-contextual image of the “all-holy” baptism. The divine origin of the sacrament determined Theodoret to offer it a special place within his theological system.