Morális klímaváltozás és a teológia kapcsolata: Morális megújulás?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and the subject of much debate. Much of the debate on climate change is centred on the issue of responsibility. According to Christian theology, God created this world and man, whose duty it is to care for and cultivate the earth. From a theological perspective, man is responsible for the world he has created and his responsibility is to find solutions to the problems in the world. The question of responsibility is not as simple as it may first appear. The problem of global climate change is compounded by ethical problems such as the problem of many hands, the intergenerational problem and moral corruption. These ethical problems require a rethinking of traditional ethical principles, so we need a new understanding of the question of responsibility to get closer to solutions. The aim of this thesis is to shed light on problems and dilemmas that serve to understand the need for a new paradigm shift in ethical thinking. The literature reviewed outlines the need for a new ethical approach that looks at these problems from a different perspective, in contrast to traditional ethical principles. What is needed is an ethical approach that looks not only at man but also at nature and even at the created world.

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