A Marosi Református Egyházmegye öt gyülekezetének összeírásai 1687-ből

Nyárádselye, Berekeresztúr, Nyárádszentimre, Nyárádszereda, Nyárádszentanna

The research titled "Protocols of Five Congregations of the Maros Reformed Diocese from 1687: Nyárádselye, Berekeresztúr, Nyárádszentimre, Nyárádszereda, Nyárádszentanna" examines the year 1687 and the Maros Reformed Diocese. The study aims to uncover and analyze the surveys conducted in these mentioned five congregations, which are associated with the specific time period. The research provides a comprehensive overview of the congregations' history, their life within the Reformed Church, and the collected data. Through the analysis and interpretation of primary sources, insights can be gained into the daily lives of the congregations, religious practices, and other characteristics of religious life during this period. The findings of the thesis contribute to the historical and religious research of the Maros Reformed Diocese, helping to understand the characteristics and challenges of the 17th-century Reformed communities in Transylvania.