A Marosi Református Egyházmegye 1816/II. évi esperesi vizitációi

In the present paper, we will present the minutes of the visitations of the dean of the Reformed diocese of Maros, written in the second half of 1816, in order to map the situation of the diocese in the first half of the 19th century. Before starting to work through the minutes, we have discussed in a few chapters the history and development of the diocese of Maros, the most important ecclesiastical figures of the time whose reigns influenced the life the Reformed Church in Transylvania, and we have also examined the diocese and the office of the dean in more depth. This was followed by a study of the records of the visitation of the dean. From these documents we learned about the relationship between the parishes. We also found out what disciplinary matters the dean and his associates had to deal with, which affected the leaders of the congregation as well as the members of the congregation. The committee also examined the financial situation of the congregation, which in many cases left much to be desired. This essay may help to gain a better understanding of the church situation in the 19th century.