Áldjon meg téged a Mindenható!


God’s blessing. In this short writing our purpose is to set forth the meaning and the biblical roots of the blessing in the Christian liturgy. Many people consider that the blessing is the final action of the Christian worship. Furthermore we witness the depreciation and trivializing of the blessing. But having analysed the meaning of the Greek, Latin and Hebrew words we have to state that blessing is not the final action of the liturgy. Blessing is not the end, but the beginning of the Christian worship. By the blessing God’s name is pronounced over the children of Israel (Numbers 6,27). The history of the world and of mankind has started with God’s blessing. God’s blessing gives us the possibility to maintain our life and to lead a pious life.

Bibliographic reference

Papp György: Áldjon meg téged a Mindenható!. In: Református Szemle 100.1 (2007), 194--196