A történetmondás lelkigondozói lehetőségei kisgyermekkorban


The Possibilities of Spritual Care by Means of Story-telling in the Early Childhood. The first part of the essay describes the development of little children, with special attention to their spiritual growth, then we study the possibilities of pastoral counselling by storytelling (understood as a collective action), and the effect of the stories on the children’s thinking. In the second part of the essay – after a comparative analysis of a story and a bible-story – a few practical pieces of advise follow for pastors and counsellors, who deal with little children, advise on possibilities of preventing spiritual problems at such a sensitive age.

Bibliographic reference

Somfalvi Edit: A történetmondás lelkigondozói lehetőségei kisgyermekkorban. In: Református Szemle 100.2 (2007), 363--397