A Genezis 46,8–27 szöveg- és redakciótörténete


The Textual and Redactional History of Genesis 46:8–27 -- Genesis 46:8–27 lists the names of those who went down along with Jacob to Egypt during the famine in Canaan. However, this passage has some features that inspire to further study. These include seemingly pointless repetitions, tensions within the text and contradictions with other verses in the book of Genesis, which lead us to conclude that the text of the pericope in question has undergone significant changes over time. In this study, we will attempt to deduce possible textual layers and reconstruct the sources used, starting from the canonical text and working backwards in time.

Bibliographic reference

Vass Lehel: A Genezis 46,8–27 szöveg- és redakciótörténete. In: Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis 12.1 (2021), 7--57