Néhány etikai kérdés vizsgálata a háború kapcsán


Examining Some Ethical Issues in the Context of War -- One of the main questions of this paper is whether the arguments in defence of war can be coupled with equal concern for the laws of war. While a permissive reading of the classical, theological just war tradition draws a number of conclu-sions that can be debated, this essay has attempted to draw attention to the fact that Augustine's questions of disordered political commitments (loves) are insep-arable from the more familiar questions of “right reason”, “right power” and “right intention”. Augustine’s reading reminds us that political desires still determine not only decisions to enter into armed conflict, but also the application of the inter-national law. On the one hand, politics is a means of influencing the dominant powers, a means of spreading their values, but also a means of holding them to account. It is also the voice of the oppressed and the vulnerable.

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Tódor Csaba: Néhány etikai kérdés vizsgálata a háború kapcsán. In: Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis 12.1 (2021), 105--120