Platonista elemek Kálvin lélek halhatatlanságáról alkotott felfogásában


In this research, I have explored the theme of the immortality of the soul in the light of Plato's and Calvin's view of the soul. The work is divided into two major parts: in the first part, I examined Plato's and Calvin's view of the soul and the immortality of the soul, and in the second part, I compared the results of the first part. In the course of this research, I have discovered the similarities and differences in the details of the two conceptions. Eight units of thought were identified for the comparison and within these units, different themes were compared between the two conceptions. In the last point, one of the main questions of the topic was answered, namely whether the soul is immortal or impermanent. Although Plato and Calvin had different points of view, in the end the two concepts were the same: the soul is immortal.

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