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PublicationGaal György20221151Pages: 77--82

PublicationBalogh Béla20221151Pages: 83--88

PublicationBíró Beatrix20221152Pages: 186--200

PublicationOláh Róbert20221153Pages: 355--362

PublicationGeréb Zsolt20221153Pages: 352--355

PublicationBalogh Csaba2021662Pages: 31--34

The erudition, precision and commitment guiding this study is admirable. Nonetheless, while linguistic analysis may entice the reader with the promise of a higher degree of objectivity, preconceptions regarding the base text, its structuring, the construction of reading, and the interpretation of linguistic data involve a fair amount of subjective and debatable factors that confine Systemic Functional Linguistics within the methods to be tamed by responsible scholarship.

PublicationSógor Géza20211144Pages: 449--453

PublicationKulcsár Árpád20201135Pages: 523--528

Ford. Fazakas Enikő, Kovács Zoltán, Kun Lajos, Némedi Gusztáv, Oláh Attila. A Debreceni Református Hittudományi Egyetem Gyakorlati Teológiai Tanszéke, Debrecen 2001, 132. old.

PublicationSteiner József20201135Pages: 534--537

Ford. Székely György, Gondáné Kaul Éva, Pálhegyi Kriszta, Daray Erzsébet. Harmat–KIA, Budapest 2020, ISBN 978-963-288-034-1, 568 old.

PublicationSteiner József20201135Pages: 537--539

Evangéliumi Kiadó – Koinónia Kiadó, 2020, ISBN: 978-615-5624-84-1, 978-615-5624-85-8 pdf, 978-615-5624-86-5 epub, 978-615-5624-87-2 mob, 78 old.

PublicationPapp György20201135Pages: 539--541

Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftdsteller der ersten Jahrhunderte. Band 26. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin 2020, ISBN-10: 3110671360; ISBN-10: 3110671360, 237 old.

PublicationSteiner József20201134Pages: 416--419

PublicationBányai László20201134Pages: 420--424

PublicationBalogh Csaba20207Pages: 1--6

This collection of studies going back to a conference held in 2015 in Jerusalem aims to show that there is a clear continuity of the Isaianic tradition beyond the era of the eighth-century prophet. In comparison to other books of the Old Testament, Isaiah has been one of exceptional influence throughout the centuries. The ten essay included here underline this statement from various perspectives, dealing with the reception history of Isaiah in different periods. Below I present a short overview of its content with several remarks appended to each study.

PublicationKató Szabolcs Ferencz20191124Pages: 418--425

PublicationBányai László20191124Pages: 425--428

PublicationLukács Olga20191123Pages: 313--315

PublicationKató Szabolcs Ferencz20191123Pages: 315--320

PublicationBányai László20191123Pages: 326--329

PublicationLukács Olga20191122Pages: 213--216

PublicationSimon János20191121Pages: 87--90

PublicationBányai László20191121Pages: 94--97

PublicationSógor Árpád20181116Pages: 703--706

PublicationAdorjáni Zoltán20181114Pages: 456--457

PublicationBányai László20181114Pages: 457--460

PublicationSógor Árpád20181113Pages: 340--344

PublicationKoppándi Botond Péter20181111Pages: 93--98

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PublicationSzigeti Jenő20181111Pages: 100--101