Gyakorlati teológia

A bibliolog írásmegértés

Modern „midrás” mint egy lehetséges módszer a katekézisben

Bibliolog as scriptural interpretation. Modern “midrash” as a possible method in catechesis. This research delves into the bibliolog approach to interpreting the Holy Scriptures, a technique often termed as “modern midrash” and not widely recognised in Hungarian-speaking regions. Originating from America, bibliolog diverges from the European tradition of bibliodrama or Biblical drama, focusing instead on a narrative-driven method.

A tanító igehirdetés időszerűsége

Preaching as an instrument for teaching Christian doctrines. In the last three decades, Transylvanian society and church members have experienced a shift toward secularisation, particularly within the Reformed Church. This trend has made it difficult to engage with younger congregants drifting from organized religion. Despite this, there’s a vital need to re-emphasise Christian teachings, especially considering the current state of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania, where many lack a deep understanding of biblical and Reformed doctrines.

Liturgiai megújítási kísérletek az unitárius egyházban a 20. század elejétől napjainkig

Liturgical renewal attempts in the Unitarian church from the early 20th century to the present. This research examines the liturgical reform efforts within the Unitarian Church from the early 20th century to today. Analysis of relevant literature reveals a consistent call for renewal among ministers and parishioners, though translating this desire into action is fraught with challenges. The study concludes by highlighting essential components of successful liturgical renewal to guide and motivate those contemplating such changes.