The “Dialogue” between Calvin and the Church Fathers on the Sacrament of Baptism


This paper was my MA thesis, and its topic is the reception of the teaching of the Church Fathers concerning the baptism in the 1559 edition of John Calvin’s Institutes. In this thesis, I try to unfold some of the factors that determined the way Calvin used the writings of the Church Fathers in formulating his doctrine of baptism. After presenting the patristic quotations related to the ‘theoretical’ theology of baptism, I will present the quotations and references that are related rather to the practice of baptism. Here I analyse the references regarding the doctrine of baptism coming from the Donatists, the problematic of emergency baptism and women’s right to baptize. Finally, I will present the references from Inst IV 16, dealing with infant baptism. In the last chapter of this study, I will try to summarize the conclusions of the research. I hope the reader will have a clearer image on Calvin’s use of the Church Fathers’ theological heritage on baptism in the Institutes.

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Papp György: The “Dialogue” between Calvin and the Church Fathers on the Sacrament of Baptism. In: Papp György (ed.): In aetatum confiniis. A Dialogue between Early, Early Modern and Contemporary Church on Various Topics of Christian Doctrine. (2021), 7--97